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Как выяснить потребность клиента из телефонного звонка

How to find out a client’s need
from a phone call

Let's do an experiment. Ask any salesperson in your company what the people who call you for the first time need.

Most likely, they will simply begin to list your products. Or: discounts, savings, tight deadlines, high quality. This means that they understand the assortment, know the requests, but do not understand the real needs of the client.

Here is a simple example.

If a person asks for the cost of an umbrella, what does he need? Umbrella, obviously. But this is just a canopy on a stick, who will buy it just like that?

Well, of course, a person hides from the rain. Sure? But what if the sun is shining with might on the street, and the same weather in the forecasts for a month?

Hmm, then he wants to prepare for the rain. For example, planning a trip or event, and bad weather can interfere with plans. Then he needs a sense of security from unforeseen cases, control over the situation.

What if this is not the case? What if a daughter prepares for a matinee in kindergarten and asks for paraphernalia? What are we talking about here: a desire to help your child, a need to feel like a good parent, a passion for creativity or a thirst to envy other participants?

The buyer said "Umbrella", and we heard reasons to buy it.

Globally, we are interested in 3 components of the conversation:

1) Request
2) Need
3) Details

The request, with which the buyer came to the company is the topic of the call. Usually it turns out in the first seconds of a conversation.

For instance: The request can be found immediately from the text:

Many are limited to this. And they divide consumers into groups: “Bought this”, “Ordered this”, “Took only wine glasses”. But we go further.

Customer needs

It’s rarely spoke directly about them. People themselves do not always realize what they really need.

The example:

“I’m selling a part in the apartment. There are three rooms in it, in two others lives a brother with his family. I recently got married, it's hard to be so close, plus we are waiting for the replenishment. And we are looking for money to pay on a mortgage - if you move out, then in our own housing. "

An inexperienced employee will say that this customer’s need is to sell a part. There is one “but”: no one will sell real estate for no reason.

In fact, a young family just wants to live separately.

This is the difference: Important: discounts or savings are never a need. However, more on this.

Purchase details.

Another thing that needs to be confused with is the details or working conditions. This is what may affect the purchase. For example, a client says:

- I want to get an audit consultation as cheap as possible!

The seller concludes that the client came for a low price, and immediately begins to offer him discounts and options to reduce the cost. But there is no need for this phrase at all.

One had only to ask: "What happened?" or “What is your question?” and we would have heard the story of how a familiar entrepreneur received a large fine during a tax audit, and how much our client would like to avoid such a fate.

In this case:

That’s the thing.

The fact that the client asks about the consultation of the auditor does not mean that he really needs it. He just thinks so at the moment.

Perhaps in the next second he will open a blog article, which describes in detail a similar case from life and gives completely different recommendations. And instead of consulting, he decides to change the accountant, for example.

And “As cheap as possible” does not really mean the amount that a person can spend, but only shows the value of the service for him. It means that he would prefer to invest the money that he could spend on the auditor in something else - advertising, for example.

It turns out that the most important information for us in this call is the client's need (namely, a sense of security). And that’s what we mostly have to work with.


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